Dog Day Morning: A Tail of Remembrance


It was a scream. The abrupt, violent, shake-you-to-your-spine kind of movie-scream. Only this time, it wasn’t the movies; it was real life. It was my wife. Instinct told me that Jacquie herself was okay but that something was wrong, gravely wrong. Instinct was right. It usually is. I exploded out of bed, flew down the…
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The irreverent resolution


Lose weight? Meh. Get a different job? Not a priority. Take that vacation; learn Spanish; stop smoking? Can’t afford the Italian countryside cooking/wine tour just yet; ain’t interested, amigo; never smoked in the first place. All classic and worthy resolutions, these, but also yawn-inducing, clichéd and just not inspiring. They’re so last year and simply…
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JFK’s words


So much has been written about JFK that, seemingly, nothing more need be said. Yet, as I watched the tributes to his life on the 50th anniversary of his assassination, I was struck by how eloquent a speaker he was; how powerful his rhetoric; how much what he said changed behaviors, beliefs and even the…
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No question about it

Today’s blog is brought to you by the number 7, the color blue and the question. The question? That’s right: the question. Especially the question. You see, the question is the thing. For the question is often way more important than the answer. There. I’ve said it. Well, okay, so have countless others. Nonetheless, it’s…
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TV that matters

Tigers home field

The Detroit Baseball Tigers recently clinched a spot in the playoffs. The game itself was a bit of a melodramatic moment as the team was anointed World Series entrants before the season began. Although locking a playoff spot took a skosh longer than most fans wanted, the team nonetheless delivered on this lofty expectation. Truth…
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This is music?

When did music become about shock value? And sex. And nothing else? In the first five minutes of MTV’s Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga came out looking somewhat like a nun — the Catholics are always a good target, aren’t they? Then, she was quickly given an onstage makeup re-do that looked like it was…
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Bad PR

I recently came across a piece highlighting the “worst pitches of the week” in Deadline Detroit.  It was about PR flacks pimping their paying clients as experts to be quoted in future stories. For your convenience, I’ve labeled these rhetorical gems in various categories somewhere on the “Severe Desperation Continuum” between: 1) shameless sales pitches;…
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For Immediate Release — And JOY!


Ava Rose Anter to Become Big Sister  ROYAL OAK, Mich.–July 26, 2013–Jacquie and Doug Anter today joyfully announced that the couple’s first child, daughter Ava Rose, soon will become a big sister. The new Anter baby is expected to arrive in mid-February at Providence Hospital’s Alternative Birthing Unit (ABC). An independent Gerber analyst commented on…
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A little girl, a lot of questions

I’m a relatively new, first-time daddy to 10-month old Ava. So, by definition, that means I’ve got two things: No. 1, a little girl; and, No. 2, a lot of questions. Wow, do I have questions. And the questions, I believe, are always more important than the answers. So here they come — brace yourself….
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The high ground

Dad with tool

It was his final breath, and I was honored to be there. To witness it. To hold his hand and kiss his face as he ascended lovingly, peacefully into heaven. I will never forget this moment. His name was George and he was my father. And, over the years, I was lucky enough to become…
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