50 shades of memories


Fifty. Half a hundred. Wow. Isn’t 50-years-old within the chronological blast radius of Betty White, Richie Cunningham’s dad and, oh, I don’t know — dirt itself? Fifty seemed grand-parently when I was a kid. Ancient, even. It’s also the decade of when my mom, God rest her soul, died. And now I’ve arrived — rolling…
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Communicate like a CIO: Three keys


The CIO’s role has dramatically transformed over the years. Gone are the mainframe-y days where these first-ever IT shot-callers were die-hard technologists. You know the type. There’s “cool nerdy” and there’s “not-so-cool nerdy;” these were the bad kind of nerdy equipped with plastic pocket protectors, Hollerith Card paper cuts and precious little business acumen. Also…
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Your inner Boo Yah


Boo yah! Cooler than the other side of the pillow. Just call him butter, ‘cuz he’s on a roll. All words, right? Just words. Well, no. Not really. For although yes they are obviously words, they also were — to me — inspiration, passion and humor. Rhetorical magic, really. They helped define a part of…
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