Your inner Boo Yah


Boo yah! Cooler than the other side of the pillow. Just call him butter, ‘cuz he’s on a roll. All words, right? Just words. Well, no. Not really. For although yes they are obviously words, they also were — to me — inspiration, passion and humor. Rhetorical magic, really. They helped define a part of…
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Our new normal


“Congratulations, we’d like to extend you the job offer.” That’s what the subject line stated. And with that one sentence, my life — and the lives of my family — was forever changed. For, you see, I’ve accepted a new job in a part of the country I’d never visited: Seattle. Go west, not-so-young man,…
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Tell a vision


“THIS SERVICE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO THIS SUBSCRIBER.” There it was, in full high-def, and worse yet, CAPITALIZED text — just for tick-me-off emphasis. Cable television as I’d come to know it for virtually my entire life was now gone. I saw it disappear before my very eyes. Poof. And, I felt alone. Adrift….
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Goosebump tech


I’ve just experienced technology in a radically new way. A way that could (and probably will) eventually change my life — and yours. And, the carnal beauty of it all is that this isn’t technology for technology’s sake. Rather, it’s technology for what technology is supposed to be: user friendly, engaging and intuitive — making…
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Change (is) the subject


Sometimes change delicately wafts into our life in quiet ways like, say, a barely noticeable whisper. A soft breeze. A butterfly, even. Other times, though, it kicks in life’s front door with all the elegance and grace of Sam Kinison crashing a debutante’s ball. Welcome to my world. For, in a single, two-week period recently,…
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