For Immediate Release — And JOY!

Ava Rose Anter to Become Big Sister

 ROYAL OAK, Mich.–July 26, 2013–Jacquie and Doug Anter today joyfully announced that the couple’s first child, daughter Ava Rose, soon will become a big sister. The new Anter baby is expected to arrive in mid-February at Providence Hospital’s Alternative Birthing Unit (ABC). An independent Gerber analyst commented on the expected arrival, saying: “Having a child is among the greatest of human achievements. To be blessed twice doubles the joy!” Sophie

 “It seems like I could state cliché after cliché about the joy it’s been parenting Ava — even through the allegedly bad times,” said Doug Anter, baby daddy to Ava. “But even as a PR guy where coming up with words is my life, I’m a bit at a loss to explain the joy we feel at this news of our expected arrival. This is such a wonderful thing — I don’t even know how it happened. Well, wait, okay I know how it happened, you know, but I guess I mean to say it’s just wonderful. I think I’ll go buy some more diapers. And butt ointment.”

 Ava Rose was born on September 3, 2012, and is learning so much about her world through crawling, turbo-pooping, smacking her daddy’s bald head, smearing her hair with food, pulling on the dog’s ears and otherwise exploring her world in a sort of post-crawl, pre-walk development stage. She is very happy and healthy — aside from the occasional spitting up — and has clocked in, according to her pediatrician, at exceeding the one-hundredth percentile for height.

On floor“We are so very blessed and have received nothing but support from close family and friends,” said Jacquie, Ava’s mommy. “We are just enjoying the time now with Ava — letting her absorb every minute of our still-three-person family before the new baby comes — while also praying for a healthy baby and delivery.”

As with Ava’s birth, the couple is expected to not find out the child’s gender ahead of time. And, as before, Jacquie is planning on delivering naturally. “I learned an entirely new level of respect for Jacquie — watching her go through the first pregnancy sans chemical assistance. I don’t know if I would have that amount of courage, but it’s her wish to deliver naturally again, experiencing the birth process in her own, unique way. God bless her!”

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  1. I am so happy for beautiful Ava…and her parents as well! Love you guys! Any chance for twins…triplets…just kidding!

  2. With another baby in the house, life will change once again… It just gets better.
    Fasten your safety belt and enjoy the ride!
    Oh, and Congratulations :^)

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