It’s personal, Peter


It’s personal, Peter.

Yes, the massive gun violence has gone beyond just being a grim statistic to now hitting me right in my personal kitchen: kids my children’s age getting slaughtered. Again and again.

But at least the Uvalde massacre was “somewhere else,” right? Practically a country away — in Texas.

Oh, but wait! Just days after the Uvalde massacre — in your Congressional district’s back yard of Holland, Mich., the ‘burb where my kids go to school — another school shooting. Two hundred mass shootings this year in this country alone, and it’s only June.

But we all know how this works, right? Bang-bang. Children dead. Thoughts + prayers. High emotions at first that quickly fade. Congress bloviates for the cameras, then does nothing. Rinse and repeat.

If you, Peter, think this continued Slaughter of Innocents is primarily a mental health issue or a “door problem” (as your Congressional confrère, Ted Cruz, mutters), think again. With more guns than people in this country (and, importantly, such easy access), this point is crystal clear: the vast availability of guns increasingly translates into the bullet-riddled carnage of our youth. How can you and your conscience say otherwise?

But hey, you’re standing on your Second Amendment principal and your NRA-funded re-election campaign, right? After all, your website says you’ll strongly defend Second Amendment rights against any infringement.

Any infringement? Really? Is ANY number of slaughtered second- and third-graders not enough for you to re-examine your thinking? Apparently not — not according to your own words. Not yet, anyway.

Strike one.

Bang-bang. More children dead. Again and again and again.

If I haven’t made my point yet — and with apologies to JFK — I’ll state it this way: Ask not, Peter, what your party platform or your Second Amendment compels you to regurgitate; rather, ask what your God calls you to do.

When you one day stand before God, what will you say? Will you clutch your pearls at the Pearly Gates, telling St. Peter that, “Well, gosh, St. Pete, if we only had more mental health professionals or better door designs, we could’ve saved those poor kids.”

Do you really think that? Please tell me you don’t. Actually, I don’t know what you think because every time I called your office asking what you’ll do about guns, all I got was, in a word, crickets. Nothing.

Strike two.

Oh, and on 8 June, you actually voted against HR 7910 — the Protect our Kids Act — legislation designed to prevent gun violence. What an act of cowardice! You owe the electorate a clear answer as to why you voted the way you did. But, trust me, I won’t waste any mental cycles calling your office to find out. Remember: you don’t respond to constituent’s questions. I’d rather watch paint dry.

HR 7910 called for an increased age limit on the purchase of certain firearms (like AR-15s), preventions on gun trafficking, modernizing the prohibition on untraceable firearms, and encouraging the safe storage of firearms.

What in God’s name was wrong with any of that?

MAJOR strike three.

Bang-bang. Bangity-bang-bang. Oops. More children slaughtered.

You can’t read the label from inside the bottle, Peter. Get outside yourself and challenge your own thinking on this issue — an issue that exemplifies how this generation of adults is failing this generation of children.

You, Peter Meijer, must be willing to put your big boy Congressional pants on and risk losing your re-election by doing the right thing moving forward.

You’ve proven you’re sometimes willing to stand up against your party (including being one of the few Republicans voting to impeach Trump — good for you). But, your lack of action thus far — including your HR 7910 vote — will go down as your signature failure. Your silence on this issue — if it continues — will be etched as your greatest miscalculation. Remember, Peter: it’s in that mental and spiritual Crucible of Conscience that you have the power discern what’s right.

This is personal to me. It’s clearly not yet personal to you, your NRA money, or your vote, is it?

You failed. Miserably and on multiple levels. And, unless you change, you’ve now lost my vote and no doubt the votes of many other common sense-thinking independent voters.

You need to lead, Peter. Remember, there is no strike four. You just struck-out in my mind and on my ballot.

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  1. Can you tweet this out in parts & tag him, Doug? Public shaming is needed as no amount of thoughts, prayers, continued NRA bribes or excuses will do.

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